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Just when the women thought things were all over, the bartender texts them to inform them "homeboy" is on date number four of the night. The bartender just texted us to tell us homeboy is on another date so I sent my friend over to retrieve his 8pm date. While date number four is on her date, the three other ladies end up chilling at the bar together.

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We're now all hanging out at another bar together pic. The ladies manage to make it over to date number five before she has the misfortune of meeting "homeboy". Date number four comes over to the bar to hang with the three other women as date number five heads on over to Sir Dates-A-Lot.

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We've gotten girl 4 we'll call her claire to come over once she finishes her date so she can debrief with us. Went outside to make a call and ran into him leaving 5.

He then tells me I'm the only one he wants to get to know still but that I should. Tell him if he should just fuck off. I tell him there's a difference between being efficient and being an asshole and he goes into "well im. Apparently the reason behind his multiple-dates-a-night technique is because he's a "project manager" who likes to manage his time.

A project manager, I manage my time efficiently. Said individual also added he was "looking for love" and on the quest for his "future wife. He tried to say he was looking for love and his future wife. These "weren't dates" they were apparently "pre-date conversations". How do I turn the tables? User Name Remember Me? Is she playing hard to get?

Hi, This is my first post. I have been driving myself crazy the last few days with this situation. There was a girl that I liked for a couple years and we never hooked up or dated. At first I didn't think that she was very interested, however after a year of casually knowing her and seeing her out, we ended up kissing one night last year. It didn't actually go past that until recently. For the last year I've just seen her out casually a few times but I was with friends and she was with friends.

Every so often I would get a text message from her, but I didn't text back or if I did it would be something "lite". So just after Christmas I'm single now , she texted me to wish me happy holidays. I texted back and she ended up coming over that night. It seemed to be a long time coming, and we ended up sleeping together right away. Normally I don't do that, but I had kind of liked her for a long time. We ended up spending the better part of the next week together and having sex still too and everything was great. She ended up telling me that she was scared and that she thinks that she could "totally fall in love" with me.

She introduced me to a couple of her closest friends, one of which told me in confidence "You hurt her and I'll kill ya" and kind of laughed. She introduced me to her mom because they had car problems one day on the way home from work and she called me to help them out. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm "in" right?????

Well, it gets more complicated; bare with me She always texted me for the last week telling me that she "likes sleeping with me", "misses me", etc.

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She even invited me to meet her for lunch while she was at work we work opposite schedules. So all of a sudden, she's distancing herself a bit and when I invite her to come over or to hang out she tells me "not tonight" and "I'm tired and already in bed". Writing is easier in a way because it is not as personal.

In those days we mailed out letters and got letters back in the mail with rejection notices. There was no personal contact. Today it is an email and it is faster.

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Still the rejection is not usually in person. I have attended writers conferences and had personal rejections from editors, as well as false promises and even a few acceptances that resulted in a nice byline and a pretty nice check. In asking a girl out, there was personal contact, and you had to look her in the eye when she said no. That always hurt more. I never lacked confidence in my writing.

People around me told me I was a good writer before I was even a teenager, and I liked what I wrote. It just never occurred to me that it might not be any good.

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I ended up in the Newspaper business and had some success there as a writer. I always have kept my fingers in freelancing though, and now I am freelancing for most of my income. The girls were a different story though. I started out with a good attitude, but was not real confident.

Turn the tables on rejection – The Writing Cooperative

At some point I decided I was not attractive to girls. Two experiences changed my outlook, and my fortunes as well. The first one came when there was this really nice girl in high school.