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Whatever shape, size or background the Taurus woman comes from, she brings with her an earthy, natural and often quite effortless beauty that encourages a fleet of admirers, secret or otherwise, wherever she roams. His unusual dress sense, talent for getting lost in his thoughts and innate way of getting behind the motivations of people with an instant sense of insight means he navigates life his way, on his terms.

The Taurus woman is a creature of comforts, and expects a certain standard of living that the Aquarius man is too liberated from the shackles of money and chasing status to bother with. He has little time for the tried and true, instead seeing life as a great laboratory of experiences and experiments waiting to be savoured. Once the relationship is in place, however, he will be keenly pleased with just how sensual and giving a lover his Taurus woman is.

Such misunderstandings will likely be few and far between, however. The Taurus woman is not argumentative or dramatic, but certainly likes to get her way. They often come from large families, and if not have a network of friends who are as good as family to them. Part of what makes both Aquarius and Taurus friendships so effortless is that both of these souls have a love of humour and mischief, as well as a positive, no drama philosophy on life, that makes for an instant and lasting connection.

Likely as not, Aquarius and Taurus friends seen out and about will be the two giggling uncontrollably, sharing anecdotes from antics in the past and communicating entirely in impersonations of people and silly voices.

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It would be easy for onlookers to believe that such a friendship is simply a pair of clowns making the most of life, but luckily an Aquarius and Taurus friendship goes far deeper than that. Taurus loyalty alone, for instance, often lasts a lifetime unless trust is broken, and these friends will be among the first to lend a hand if Aquarius is in trouble. Together, these two can often become friends for life, taking life at a breezy pace and savouring its pleasures, but never shying away from hard work or joint projects that can improve their prospects.

An Aquarius and Taurus marriage can indeed work out splendidly, but there are certain hurdles that ought to be overcome first, mostly in the initial ideas — conscious or subconscious — that each such individual has about matrimony at large. To them, marriage is a wonderfully indulgent way of gathering friends, dining splendidly, splashing out in style and proving to the world their love and loyalty for their partner. Yet in many cases, Aquarius might like the idea of a party that gets folks together and enjoying themselves, but sees marriage itself as quite an outdated institution to be buried in the dark ages.

Why does it cost so much, and why are so many of the rituals so archaic? The idea of having to constantly check in when they do anything or be contained by the confines of the relationship forever can feel daunting — so much so they forget to check if Taurus even feels the same way, or is similarly nervous.

Get an astrology report for your relationship

Forgetting to check in on the partner is an unfortunately Aquarian trait from time to time, as these people have big missions of altruism and the wider view of humanity in their head at all times, preventing them from seeing the finer details. Taurus must take care to not feel neglected in these moments, and when communicating a desire for more closeness, must be careful not to dress it up by mistake as a demand that the Aquarius stand still. Taurus is also extremely loyal, which in the very worst cases in long-lasting marriages that find a comfortable rhythm could clash against the easily bored nature of Aquarius.

Although both Aquarius and Taurus are fun and laid back, there can be no doubting that key differences in their outlook, approach and mannerisms can create a fair few spanners in the works. For one thing, there is the pace of life overall to consider. Aquarius is very in the moment individual, effortlessly adapting to new information and integrating it into their plans — which again, can change on the fly.

An Aquarius can sit down and break out an elaborate business plan off the cuff, one that would work tremendously if put into action — only to scrap the idea as uninteresting a week or so later. Aquarius think the Taurus a hopelessly slow moving soul by contrast, not having the same deep well of patience and perseverance to draw from. Taurus people enjoy material possessions and wealth and status somewhat more than their Aquarius companions too — in fact, Aquarius finds this kind of materialism quite bizarre, and is outspoken enough to say so. Add to this the fact that both Aquarius and Taurus have a penchant for being stubborn and not giving up their position in an argument, and you can see how differences in opinion tend to stay that way long term.

As a cheeky aside, many astrologers believe that Taurus can have a grumpy side. Every few days, even if life is going their way, Taurus souls wake up and spend their entire day feeling grouchy and unsociable. Together, they can make a great team when it comes to business projects and undertakings. Now comes the part where the differences overshadow the similarities. To begin with, while both of them are determined to get what they want, their thinking and approach is quite different. On one hand, where a Taurus man tends to opt for the traditional path to reach his goal, an Aquarius woman would opt for a radical and unusual path instead.

The bull hates to change and is very stubborn when it comes to his point of view. On the other hand, the water bearer believes in changing with time, and is very open to new, creative, and offbeat ideas. Another potentially problematic difference lies in their idea of spending leisure time. While a Taurus man loves to stay indoors and be comfortable in his own zone, with his own group of friends, the Aquarius woman wants to explore the world outside and socialize with others.

A Taurus' idea of having fun is very boring according to an Aquarian's idea of fun.

Three Steps To Talking With Taurus Men

Also, he is inclined towards the practical and sensual aspects of life, due to the influence of Venus, and she is intrigued by the intellectual and freedom-driven aspects of life. To sum it up, the bull is happy with the existing and known realms around him, contrary to which, the water bearer is constantly willing to flow into the unknown, unexplored, and unconventional realms hidden in the nooks and crannies of the surrounding. The bull is ruled by the element earth and the Aquarius woman belongs to the element air. A unity of earth and air is bound to be a little inconsistent and fluttery.

To top it all, both are born with fixed traits. They will get attracted to each other like a butterfly gets attracted to a flower. The flower admires the beauty of the butterfly and gets intrigued by its ability to fly and roam as and when it wants, while the flower stands firm at one spot. On the other hand, the butterfly admires the support that it gets when with the flower.

Hey there!

The firmness, stability, and soothing fragrance of the flower enthralls the butterfly. Obviously, the firm flower is the Taurus male, and the free butterfly is the Aquarius female. When a Taurus man is in love , he would give his lover a lot of emotional and materialistic support.

Initially, the spark of their chemistry gets as spark-i-licious as it could be.

Love Compatibility : Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

Both of them enjoy exploring each other's version of life. However, in the long run, it ain't about the spark, it's all about compromises. The bull will expect his woman to understand his needs which would involve to spend a lot of quality time with him that too, indoors. She, on the other hand, would want to party and socialize outside. This is just one example which would result into a disagreement, as both these signs will try to change the other in their togetherness.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The bull's tendency to be blunt in words can lead to some serious arguments. This would ultimately lead to differences and make the union a little shaky. Another point to be noted is that they have absolutely different mindsets. Both are stubborn, hate changes, and are comfortable in a world that exhibits their own set of thoughts and ideas. He has a set rules on how he wants to live his life, and wishes to do things on his own terms and conditions. An equally rigid woman is the Aquarian female who loves her freedom and cannot take anyone telling her what she should do and what she should not.

She needs her own space. Her unpredictable, flirtatious, and socializing nature can make the bull very uncomfortable. He would possibly become possessive, jealous, and demanding which can become difficult for her to take, thereby becoming indifferent and aloof towards him. This will act as an icing on the breakup cake! If they are able to adjust and work on these aspects, the similarities that they share can make this relationship quite a strong one.

Taurus Man And Aquarius Woman

Though honestly, it would be very difficult for the bull to let go of his conventional ways of thinking, and for the water bearer to let go of her radical and exploring nature. It all comes down to how badly they want to be with each other, and how much are they willing to risk in the bargain! We are not saying that there is no hope. They can emerge as a very strong pair and balance each other out. The bull can bring in some stability into her unpredictable mind and life, while on the other hand, she can teach the bull to let go of a certain degree of his stubbornness and become a little easygoing in life.

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They can understand each other's goals and dreams, laugh with each other, give some serious advice in difficult times, help each other see life from a refreshing angle. The only thing required is, the willingness to be a tad bit flexible to accommodate each other's expectations in this union. Yes, when we speak of it astrologically, the success of this union seems a bit dim.

However, as we did mention earlier, there are a lot of other aspects to compatibility apart from the sun sign.