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In the past when parents chose potential partners, one of the first questions would be: In the murky, unreliable world of the internet it is difficult to know the true intentions of the person tapping into your inbox. Naveed, 32, who works in IT in Manchester, recalls one girl who had one fake profile she used to attract men initially, before showing them her real profile. Hema claims the men she was contacted by "always wanted to talk about sex and nothing else". I met people and obviously their agenda was not marriage.

I had one man tell me he was married and he just wanted me for an additional wife. Hema, a year-old from Nottingham, was suspicious when a year-old man from Pakistan contacted her, but married him anyway.

Her husband is an asylum-seeker whose status in this country is uncertain. The search to find one's life partner is not easy, but it is arguably harder for second-generation British Asians, burdened by their parents' expectations but looking for more than marriage to a stranger.

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I was struck by how pragmatic the people I spoke to were in their ambitions. There was much talk about marriage, but little talk of romance; the notion that love was maddeningly unpredictable, that it could strike and make the most unlikely couples deliriously happy, carried little resonance.

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They were interested in solidity and stability, and hoped that by choosing someone similar in background and faith there was more chance of finding someone to share one's life. With the exception of Jayasree Sen Gupta, everyone I spoke to had been disappointed in their online experiences, and it led me to wonder if perhaps the problem was not with them but in the very idea that the search for a partner should be defined by race or religion. That was also the conclusion that led Rekha, a year-old project manager from south London, to abandon Shaadi.

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Maybe I need to meet an Asian guy who is a bit like me. The team was running a business and going to B-school on the side.

A Harvard-based startup tackles Indian matchmaking

Class work may have taken a backseat, but the team says HBS has been critical to their business. They make use of the i-Lab every day, taking advantage of the writeable-wall workspaces, free legal counsel, venture capitalist feedback, and a snack supply that would make nutritionists cringe. By competition day, the site boasted more than 16, users and 33, unique visitors. One year after forming their idea, the founders of easyBiodata had a promising business. Now, on the same stage where they first introduced easyBiodata, they had a chance to show the school that they deserved the grand prize.

Welcome to Matchfinder Online Matrimony

On competition day, April 29, the easyBiodata team emerges from Comnock Hall visibly relieved. But the relief is temporary. With only a half hour to go, they opt to take the audience through their business — from inspiration to idea to hopefully investment. By explaining arranged marriage through an HBS student, they hope to dispel the stigma around the tradition.

Matchfinder - Matrimony, Indian Matrimony, Online Matrimony, Marriage Website, Brides, Grooms

Her success is also an indication of India's eclectic mix of technology and tradition. She relaxes in jeans and a black hoodie, while her aunt sits stoically in an orange sari and black sweater, clutching a red purse. A few keystrokes later Chawla pulls up hundreds of choices. Rajni picks one and after telling Chawla her date and time of birth, everyone watches with bated breath as a horoscope-matching program tells them whether it is a match made in heaven.

Much to the family's delight, the computer says yes. Mittal launched the company in after a chance meeting with a traditional matchmaker -- often a go-between among families with eligible offspring -- in Bombay. His Web portal took off immediately -- even if the lack of Internet penetration in India meant the site was more popular for Indians living outside the country. Today that has changed.

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Now about 70 percent of Shaadi. The online world is geared toward young people.