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  1. The Danger Of Church Dating
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There were courtship rituals in place, but nothing that looks like what we consider dating today. Sure, there are biblical principles that we can apply to modern dating; following of the principles for gentleness, respect, purity and kindness Galatians chapter 5, verses , you will do much better in your dating and life in general. I recall the night I met my future-wife-to-be.

The Danger Of Church Dating

I was visiting a church with a friend and his girlfriend. When the service was over I walked about, saying hello to people and generally checking the place out. While I waited for my friends I retired to the entry foyer, looking at the various pamphlets in the information board. My future wife Michelle was hanging around the foyer too, saying goodbye to friends.

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  • Why Christian Dating is Brutal.

She smiled nicely when I looked at her. We began chatting for a few minutes. My friend and his girlfriend returned and I invited her to come to McDonalds with us as we hadn't eaten yet. I got her number at the end of the night and organised a date.

Dating first time or again? - Single Friendly Church

A few days later we ended up chatting while shopping for DVDs around Adelaide. A few weeks later, we attended a formal dinner at her church she had been attending for about six months. We are arrived all dressed up in our formal gear, ready for a fun night; but as we entered none of the girls at the church acknowledged her.

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Michelle thought this was strange and asked one good friend that cared to speak to us, 'what was up with everyone? She stole their chance. Yet, the night I met Michelle no other girl as much as looked at me! Reflecting on her experience, Michelle feels God firmly told her to stick with me when we were dating she had previous issues with getting cold feet.

Being single can be great: There are no arguments about chores and decisions are easy. Within the church you can see how they pursue God and how they value Him. Finally, you can see who actually helps you accomplish the mission. The person you spend your life with should be the one who best helps you accomplish that mission. How can you see that outside of the local church and being on mission together? It only becomes risky if you choose not to follow God when you date within the church.

Dating In The Church: The Pros & Cons

Here are two of the concerns I hear from people considering dating and what I tell them:. If you sleep together and break up, that will be true. Secrets are almost never safe. Accountability is good for relationships, not harmful. It happens more than you think. Leave them better than you found them.

Make every decision in your relationship based on making sure that they will be better off because of your influence in their life. Helping them find their way back to God. When couples choose to date within a friend circle or within a workplace setting, if the relationship ends, there can often be permanent damage to that group. As a church, how can we do dating and breaking up better? Again, when things end badly it is usually because there was sexual intimacy outside of a marriage commitment, but there are other factors that can contribute as well.

We need to be honest with our friends about rejection. Rejection, while painful, does not impact our identity.